Cordão System

cord_wit1 Cruda (White Belt/Branca Cordâo): Beginner – Trained for up to 1 year. Students begin their Capoeira training at this level. The Corda Cruda, translated as Raw Cord, signifies that rather than being seen as inexperienced, students are seen as being full of potential for growth.
cord_witgeel Yellow White Cord (Branca Amarelo Cordâo): Intermediate – Trained for 1 to 2 years. A transition cord.
cord_geel Yellow Cord (Amarelo Cordâo): Intermediate – Trained for 1 to 3 years. Students begin to understand the game of Capoeira. They have a basic knowledge of kicks, ground movements and music. They know the chorus to many songs and can play some of the instruments.
cord_witoranje Orange White Cord (Branca Laranja Cordâo): Intermediate/Advanced – Trained for 2 to 3 years. A transtion cord.
cord_oranje Orange Cord (Laranja Cordâo): Intermediate/Advanced – Trained for 4 to 5 years. Students have reached a deeper knowledge of the game of Capoeira. They begin to use different kicks and acrobatic movements. At this level they can also sing solos in the Roda and play many different instruments.
cord_blauwrood Blue Red Cord (Vermelho Azul Cordâo): Monitor – Student receives the title of Monitor. They now begin to see their training from a different point of view as they have also started to learn to teach, and may even be allowed to teach under the supervision of their instructor. They aid any lower-ranked students in need of assistance. They know a great variety of kicks and acrobatic movements. They have a wide repertoir of songs, and can play every instrument.
cord_blauw Blue Cord (Azul Cordâo): Graduado/Instrutor – At this level, students earn the title of Graduado, which means “Graduated”. This implies a new beginning, and is, in a way, a new Corda Cruda, because most of their training now is focused on their teaching ability. They must learn to share their own knowledge with other students and are encouraged to begin teaching a class of their own. Students that teach a class of their own may be given the title “Instrutor.”
cord_groen Green Cord (Verde Cordâo): Instrutor – At this level, Capoeiristas continue to improve on their overall skills, which now includes the ability to teach. They are very strong in the roda, and are equally as strong when teaching a class. Their strength comes from their ability to incorporate Malicia, or deviousness, into their game. It’s malicia that gives Capoeiristas their ability to surprise and confuse their opponents.
cord_paars Purple Cord (Roxa Cordâo): Professor – To reach this level, Capoeiristas must have proven themselves to be skilled martial artists in the roda and outside their Group. They are proficient teachers and trusted to be a representative of the Group. Professors are regarded very highly, as they have come very far and have devoted their lives to being part of Capoeira. Their malicia skills continue to increase, since they now have the ability to apply the knowledge they’ve gained within the roda to their dealings in the outside world.
cord_bruin Brown Cord (Marrom Cordâo): Contra-Mestre or Formando – They are not only some of the most important figures of their group, but in the world of Capoeira itself. They are the right hand of the Mestres within their lineage, and are so esteemed and honored that, even at this level, they are respected as Mestres. Formidable players in the roda, Formandos can seamlessly combine all of their skills into a fierce and relentless game.
cord_zwart Black Cord (Preta Cordâo): Mestre – The black cord is the highest level in Grupo Capoeira Brasil. Once graduated to the black cord, the capoeirista is titled “Formado”. The Formado is awarded the title of Mestre after a period of 4 to 5 years. This is the apex for students of GCB. Mestres are legendary for their skill, wisdom, and tact both inside and out of the roda. Mestres comprise the top level of all Capoeira groups and activities.